In a transformative collaboration, SPARKS has united with Deen Creatives, an inspiring brand dedicated to empowering individuals with essential digital skills. Deen Creatives specializes in graphic design, video content creation, and editing, and their impact has been profound.

SPARKS' partnership has magnified Deen Creatives' reach and influence. With a focus on online training through platforms like WhatsApp, Zoom, and a dynamic Learning Management System (LMS), the collaboration has unlocked new avenues for growth. Together, they have nurtured a vibrant creative community, with 30% being young women aged 20–25.

What sets Deen Creatives apart is their commitment to democratizing knowledge. The founder's TikTok videos serve as free resources online, offering step-by-step guidance on various editing techniques. With SPARKS' support, this innovative approach not only fosters creativity but also empowers a wider audience with practical skills in graphic design and video editing. Deen Creatives, fueled by the partnership with SPARKS, has become a catalyst for income generation, improved digital literacy, and accessible learning in the digital age.