About Us

Fostering Tech Innovation Across Industries

SPARKS is a vibrant idea incubation initiative dedicated to nurturing innovation across diverse industries. As a pioneering incubator, we excel in supporting startups that offer technological solutions spanning a wide spectrum of sectors. While our roots were sown in edtech, we have evolved into a dynamic partner for startups aiming to make a transformative impact across various domains.


Mission and Vision

Our mission is to ignite technological transformation without boundaries. We envision a future where startups of all kinds thrive, revolutionize industries, and convert visionary ideas into tangible solutions. Anchored in this vision, we are committed to nurturing startups, empowering them to scale, and fostering enduring impacts across industries.

Our Unique Approach

What sets SPARKS apart is our holistic approach to incubation. We go beyond conventional models, offering startups unparalleled partnership opportunities, enriching internships, insightful mentorships, and cutting-edge training programs. By supporting startups from diverse industries, we harness the combined power of technology and entrepreneurship to shape a better tomorrow.

Empowering through Capacity Building

At the core of SPARKS lies our dedication to capacity building. Through our sponsored internship initiatives, participants acquire hands-on, industry-relevant tech skills that drive their success. These internships bridge the gap between theoretical learning and real-world application, cultivating aspiring tech professionals across industries.


Cultivating Success in Collaboration

SPARKS operates as a distinctive division of Right Click IT Solutions and Services, a respected IT consulting company. This affiliation infuses us with technical expertise and industry insights, enabling us to curate exceptional experiences for startups. Our collaborative ecosystem thrives on synergy, propelling us and our partner startups to greater heights.

In essence, SPARKS is an incubator and architect of technological transformation. We lay the foundation for innovation, empower startups with knowledge, and redefine the future of technology. Join us on this exciting journey toward a world where technology knows no bounds, and startups shape a brighter tomorrow.