In a remarkable partnership, SPARKS has joined forces with North Demy, a shining example of digital literacy and cybersecurity expertise. Focusing on professional penetration testing, SEO optimization, cybersecurity, and software development, North Demy has built a reputation for unwavering excellence in their field.

Together with SPARKS, their journey has seen remarkable growth. North Demy's innovative training methodology has evolved to embrace digital platforms such as Telegram and a robust Learning Management System (LMS), which SPARKS helped implement. Through this collaboration, they've achieved exceptional results—training over 1200 individuals in cybersecurity, with a notable emphasis on empowering women.

With SPARKS' support, North Demy's impact has gone even further. Notably, they've empowered 500 women with skills to establish digital online stores, fostering economic independence and innovation. This partnership underscores SPARKS' commitment to nurturing groundbreaking startups, like North Demy, and amplifying their ability to create a secure and digitally empowered future.