Discover the journey of 6 lucky individuals who have secured coveted spots in the Right Click Internship 2023. With specialized tracks in Software Development, UI/UX Design, Business Analysis, and Project Management, these chosen interns are embarking on a thrilling 24-week adventure filled with learning, growth, and mentorship. In just 12 weeks, they are already making waves, taking on a mind-blowing group capstone project and entering a fierce competition. Brace yourselves, because these Right Click interns are ready to revolutionize the world!

Right Click Academy’s Internship Program:
The talented team at Right Click Academy is currently undergoing an intensive internship program. During their time here, they have collaborated on a remarkable proposal called “FOOD GATE,” which has been submitted to the prestigious Code Cash Crop 4.0 Ag-Hackathon (CCC 4.0 2023). This proposal aims to tackle the logistics challenges of the hackathon’s latest edition.

Code Cash Crop 4.0 Ag-Hackathon:
The Ag-Hackathon focuses on developing innovative technologies and business solutions to address agricultural value chain challenges. This year’s edition emphasizes several key areas, including the creation of a price data mining database, the development of a USSD software for interactive farming advice, and the innovation of logistics and supply chains to streamline transactions for farmers and processors.

Boot Camps and Networking:
Out of numerous applicants, only 30 participants will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas and network with industry professionals at the highly anticipated boot camps. These events will serve as an ideal platform for showcasing innovative solutions and establishing valuable connections within the agricultural sector.

Rewards and Support:
The Ag-Hackathon offers a substantial prize of $10,000, along with internship opportunities, mentorship programs, and various other benefits. At Right Click IT Solutions, we take pride in being at the forefront of supporting and encouraging innovative individuals and ideas.

Stay Updated:
We invite you to stay tuned as we provide regular updates on the progress of our talented interns and their journey through the Right Click Internship 2023. Witness firsthand the impact they are making in the agriculture industry and be inspired by their groundbreaking work.

The Right Clicks Internship 2023 is empowering a select group of individuals to make a difference in the agricultural sector. With a focus on innovation, mentorship, and real-world problem-solving, these interns are poised to revolutionize the industry. Join us in celebrating their accomplishments and stay updated on their progress as they embark on this transformative journey.

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